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Posted on: 28 November 2017

Working as a self-employed personal trainer can be a challemging but fulfilling career. On a daily basis, you'll be helping clients to better themselves both physically and mentally. To do this, you need to promote yourself effectively and constantly undergo continuous professional development to make your own training products competitive, and stand out amongst the crowd. This guide will give a number of different ideas on how to recruit potential clients using various digital and printed promotional products and tools: 

Fitness Classes

One of the best ways to get new clients is to run fitness classes on a regular basis. Not only does this help you to demonstrate your own skill set, but you can also use the end of the class to promote your own services. Having some business cards made up is perfect if you want to have something discreet to give to clients, or just have them sat at the back of the class available to people to take should they want to. Business cards can be very cost effective especially with bulk purchase discounts which can dramatically reduce costs. The benefits cards have is that you can give more than one to each person, which allows them to indirectly recruit friends and family without face to face contact time.

PT Pack

If you've just recruited a client than you'll still have to maintain their interest over the numerous weeks, you'll be seeing them. Compiling a free member pack is a way in which you can offer complimentary resources for a low price. Getting a company to print off a meal planner, training logs, meal ideas and basic exercises and compile them into a tidy folder will help your clients to feel valued and get a sense that they are getting their money's worth from their PT package. You can also create and print them yourself using a simple laptop. 

PT Poster

If you work in a commercial gym then its always good to promote yourself where possible. Larger gyms may have multiple PTs and you need to try to stand out. Having a poster of yourself printed off and placed near to the entrance will help customers associate you with the gym. This will make it easier for them to approach you on the gym floor if they have any questions. You can even go one step further to demonstrate your knowledge by providing a daily or weekly tip. This could be anything from recommending how much water to drink after training to recommending a particular supplement.


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