Commonly Asked Questions About Fibre Cement Siding and Cladding

Posted on: 30 November 2017

Fibre cement siding or cladding is a good choice for any home, and this material offers some great benefits over other forms of building materials. It's eco-friendly and economical and good for new or existing homes. Note a few commonly asked questions about fibre cement siding and cladding so you can determine if this material is a good choice for your home, and know what to expect with its installation.

How do you put cement on a home's exterior?

Fibre cement is different than the concrete used for a home's driveway or garage floor; this type of cement is made with a mixture of concrete and cellulose, or paper. This specialty mixture makes the material very lightweight and flexible, more so than the concrete used for a driveway. The siding or cladding is also not put onto a home while wet, but the material is pressed and formed into long pieces in a factory, allowed to cure or dry, and then cut to fit your home during its installation, just like wood or aluminium siding.

Can the siding be installed over the home's current exterior materials?

Cladding actually refers to a layer of material that is added to another material, so fibre cement cladding is specifically made to be installed over aluminium siding, brick, or wood. This cladding may be added just to the lower part of the home, where the exterior materials often suffer the most damage from children's toys, errant drivers, and the like, or it can be installed over the home's entire exterior. Cladding can instantly improve the look of the home, covering over chipped brick, faded aluminium siding, and other outdated and unsightly materials.

What maintenance does it need?

Fibre cement is impervious to insects and mould, and rarely does it crack, warp, or fade. You won't need to fill in rusted areas as you would with aluminium siding, or fill in cracked areas as you do with brick and mortar. Fibre cement is also fireproof, so you won't have charred or scorched areas to repair even if your property suffers a brushfire. The paint colour is also applied at the factory when the material is mixed and fabricated, so you won't ever need to paint the home's exterior.

As with all exterior building materials, you will need to occasionally power wash the surface of fibre cement, to remove dust, cobwebs, and any dirt clinging to its surface. However, this is typically the only maintenance ever needed with fibre cement products.


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