Sentimental Holiday Gift Ideas

Posted on: 4 December 2017

Choosing gifts for some people is hard. Do you have people on your gift list who already seem to have everything? Then, you may want to consider some sentimental gifts. Here are some ideas to consider. 

1. Digitalized Family Photo Albums

If you are like most families, you may have boxes and boxes of old photographs lying around in storage somewhere. Why not bring a smile to your family members by bringing those photos out of storage and memorializing them on a CD.

There are professional services that can take old photos, scan them and download the digital copy to a CD. Have multiple family members who probably want copies? Then, just ask the company to make multiple copies—for companies that specialise in CD replication, that's an easy job.

2. New Copies of Old Family Movies

Photographs aren't the only options. Do you have old family films on VHS or 8mm film? If so, you probably have no way to watch those movies. If you hire a CD printing service, they can take your old family films and transfer them to a CD or DVD.

Then, you can easily watch those films on a computer or with a DVD player. Injecting this type of nostalgia into a holiday can make it a lot of fun. Young kids get to see what their parents looked like back in the day, and older family members get to take a walk down memory lane.

3. Singing Recordings

If you have children or adults in the family who like to make music, consider making a recording of that music for someone on your gift list. For example, grandparents may love to listen to the sweet sounds of children singing while they do things around the house or drive in their cars.

You don't even just have to focus on singing family members. If the choir at your church or a local music group puts on a concert, you may want to volunteer to record that. Then, when you put the music on a CD, you can give it to anyone who is interested in or associated with that group.

4. "Mixtapes"

In other cases, you may want to show someone how much you care by making them a mixtape but on a CD. This is a particularly great idea for family members who don't have large music collections and aren't interested in streaming services.

Basically, you buy and download the songs you love. Then, you put together a playlist and burn it on a CD. If you want to give out multiple copies, hire a CD replication service to make the copies for you.



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