4 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Car Battery

Posted on: 5 December 2017

You can reduce your chances of buying a car battery that will not last by keeping certain considerations in mind when you go shopping for a new one. This article discusses some of the crucial factors that will help you to pick the right battery.

Battery Size

Different car models have their recommended battery size. Installing a smaller battery may be as problematic as installing a bigger battery in your car. For example, the smaller battery will easily be drained in case you use the car radio when the engine is not running. Check the manual of your car and identify the recommended battery size before you go to the battery suppliers.

Your Area's Climate

It is also helpful to think about the predominant climate in the area where you live before you purchase a car battery. People who live in cold areas should buy batteries that are designed to withstand very low temperatures. Similarly, those in hot areas should buy batteries that are designed to perform at peak levels in those areas. Ask the supplier to show you to the options that will last in the areas where you use your vehicle.

Road Conditions

People who frequently drive off-road may replace their car batteries more frequently than individuals who drive on paved roads. This is because off-road conditions expose the batteries to elevated levels of vibrations. Consequently, the plates inside the batteries will wear out quickly under the onslaught of the vibrations. However, your battery can still last long if you select a battery whose design can stand up to those harsh driving conditions. For example, batteries that are sealed stand a higher chance of surviving off-road conditions when compared to batteries with caps. This is because those with caps can leak while you drive over those challenging surfaces off-road.

Load Conditions

Modern cars can now contain a huge array of electronic systems, such as advanced music systems and phone charging points. Such accessories can exert an added strain on the battery. It may be better for you to select a high-performance battery in case your vehicle has energy guzzlers in it. This prevents you from being stranded when your ordinary battery is overwhelmed by the demands made upon it. Has the battery of your car been giving your problems lately? Assess it using these factors and select a replacement that will address the shortcomings that caused the old battery to fail.


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