Wedding Hire – Tenting Options to Deliberate On

Posted on: 11 December 2017

Planning a wedding can make a serious dent in your finances. Thus, if you are on a modest budget, chances are you will want to keep your costs as minimal as possible. One way of accomplishing this would be opting to have your reception under a tent rather than hiring out a venue such as a hotel. Whether you are planning to host a small number of people or you have a long guest list, you are sure to find a tent to suit your wedding hire needs. However, if you have never hosted an event before, chances are you would not know which type of tent to hire. This article provides a brief list of the options that you could choose to fit your needs.

A push-pole tent

Commonly referred to simply as pole tents, this type of shelter is one of the more inexpensive options that you could hire. The tent is made from vinyl and is available in a range of sizes. It is also quite easy to erect. The tent gets its name from a distinctive centre pole that raises the ceiling of the shelter and multiple short poles at the perimeter to hold up the rest of the structure. The installers can utilise ropes to keep the material in place and keep the tent secure. The main thing to note about pole tents s that they require ample space for proper set-up. Therefore, you would have to ensure that the grounds you will be using are vast.

A box beam tent

This type of tent is also known as a clear span tent. The tent comprises aluminium framework, which provides the support necessary to hold the vinyl fabric of the tent. The main advantage of this type of tent is they are quite large, without requiring centre poles for additional structural integrity. Thus, box beam tents are ideal if you know you have a large wedding reception but may not necessarily be able to secure grounds big enough for a push-pole tent.

A frame tent

If your wedding party is small and intimate, you may want to contemplate a frame tent. These tents have a characteristic "A" shape to them, adding a touch of elegance to your wedding. Additionally, frame tents do not require the use of tie-downs to keep them secure. Instead, the metal frame that it gets its name from is what holds the tent together. Frame tents do not have any inside poles, so you would not have to worry about floor space being limited inside the cosy interior. 


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