How to Play With Sand When It's Too Cold to Go to the Beach

Posted on: 22 January 2018

When it's too cold to enjoy the beach, you don't necessarily have to avoid the sand. Instead, there are all kinds of fun sand projects you can do inside with your kids. Take a look at these ideas.

Beach Globe

Similar to a snow globe, a sand globe is a sandy scene behind glass. However, you don't shake this creation. You just admire it.

Find an old fish bowl or a similar type of glass container, and fill the base with sand. Then, encourage your kids to create a scene in the sand. You can use dolls and their furniture to create a miniature scene, you can go for a display of seashells, or you can let your kids go wild with their imaginative ideas.

Paper Sand Castles

For this project, you just need some sand, a piece of paper and a bit of glue. Have your kids spread the glue on a piece of paper in a castle-like design. Then, sprinkle sand over the painting. Wait until the glue dries and shake off the excess sand. Add extra sand as needed.

To make this project easier, you may want to encourage your kids to draw the castle before putting the glue of the paper. Also, consider adding embellishments such as found items from beaches, glitter and coloured pieces of paper.

Sand Clay

You can also make your own sand clay. Mix together 273 mL of sand, 355 mL of flour, 237 mL of water and  296 mL of salt. Add more dry ingredients if your mixture feels too wet and more water if it doesn't stick together, and knead until it feels like a workable consistency. Then, you can roll out a slab of sand clay and make hand or foot imprints. You can also use cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Then, put your creations into your oven on very low heat for a few hours. For example, 120 degrees Celsius is ideal. This dries out and solidifies your sand creations.

Sandy Play Table

You can also make an indoor "sandbox". You can buy special splay tables just for this purpose or you can make your own by putting plastic tubs of sand on a low slung table. This is a perfect place for little ones to play with sand.

To keep your home relatively clean, only do this on a hard surface, or place a tarp underneath the play table. Add in water if desired.

For more information, contact a business that has soil and sand supplies.


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