Sheet Metal Cutting Techniques for Granny Flat Conversions

Posted on: 28 March 2019

Most families who need to consider granny flats as an option tend to use a garage as the conversion room. This helps to save money as opposed to having an entirely new building placed on the property. During the upgrades and conversion contracting, you will need to have some sheet metal cutting done for different aspects of the flat. Here are a few of the techniques you will need to use -- or have a contractor use -- and how they work in the granny flat construction:

Sheet Metal Cutting

The main task you will need for the sheet metal in your granny flat design is sheet metal cutting. This is due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is that granny flats that are created from converting garage areas are smaller and require smaller appliances and living spaces. For example, if you want sheet metal used in a shower enclosure or as a countertop space, you may not be able to find them pre-cut in a size that will fit the area. The speciality cutting can ensure the sheets are cut to fit the area measurements and are ready to install.

Sheet Metal Bending

You may have sheet metal that is cut to fit the area, but it needs to bend in certain way. For example, if you are using the sheet metal in a shower stall, it will need to bend to create the stall itself. The sheet metal may also need to bend to conform to countertop spaces as well. Your contractor can bend the metal to fit these areas without giving defined or sharp creases. This means you get a seamless look and feel that gives a modern effect to the space.

Sheet Metal Finishing

You may decide that you want a certain finish on the metal. The finish can be a brushed finish, high shine, or a pattern etched into the steel. Your contractor can help with all of these options. They can even add coatings that will help with the granny flat functionality, such as non-slip coatings. If you aren't sure what kind of finishes will be best for your granny flat design, consult your sheet metal fabricator.

You may have more needs from a sheet metal cutting fabricator, depending on the layout for the granny flat. Before you get started, consider contacting a sheet metal contractor. They can discuss the options you want for your granny flat design and help with the options they can offer you. They can also help with pricing and answer any questions you have about the process.


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