Line Marking Stencils: A Guide

Posted on: 7 November 2017

If you are considering having the road markings on your private carpark repainted, you may not have considered using line marking stencils in order to improve the experience of those who use the space. There is a wide range of different line marking stencils which most professional line marking contractors should carry with them.

Disabled Parking

People who have a disability may have trouble moving long distances. It is therefore advisable that you reserve some of the car parking spots closest to your business for those who are disabled. The disabled line marking stencil normally takes the form of a circle which contains a sitting stick figure and represents a wheelchair user.


If you have an area which is reserved for staff parking, you may find that this is a subject which can lead to a lot of disagreement as staff argue about who should park where. One way of combating this problem is by painting numbers on each parking spot. You can then assign each member of staff a numbered spot. Giving each staff member a designated and clearly marked parking space will eliminate the possibility of staff fighting over the 'best' parking spot or of taking each other's spaces. 

Family Parking

Customers who have brought their children along can benefit from family parking spaces. Having to walk with young children across a business carpark can be very stressful and tiring for both the children and parents. By reserving some parking spaces close to your business, you can encourage families to visit your store. The line marking stencil used to designate a parking space as family friendly is a silhouette of a parent and a child. Because a family may need to fully open their car doors in order to insert or remove their kid from a child-seat, you may also wish to provide additional space on either side of the parking spot. You can do this by asking the line marking company to spray yellow hatching in strips alongside each family parking spot.


If you wish to reserve a parking space for the company CEO or other senior team members, you may wish to use letters rather than numbers to mark their parking spaces. Letters can also be used to point drivers in the direction of the carpark exit.

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